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About the area and fishing

The warm waters of central Angola attract some exciting and exotic monsters. Tarpon is one of these and probably the most exciting game fish species to be caught on fly.

Tarpon leaping tarpon

The tarpon around the Angolan coastline grow to monstrous proportions often weighing 150 – 300 lbs +. They can be extremely selective and their hard jaw bone makes for very difficult hook-ups and they often rid themselves from the hook when they make spectacular gill raking jumps.   The thrill of hooking, fighting and releasing these silver prehistoric fish is unbelievable and the highlight of many an anglers fishing career.

When hunting tarpon and other fish species such as the strong Jack Crevalle (Yellowfin Kingfish up to 60lbs), Giant Threadfin and Snapper, we travel by boat on the Kwanza river and enter the sea.  Most of the fishing is done less that a kilometer off-shore and although we generally target likely areas, shoals of tarpon and Jack Crevalle can often be seen and sight fished to.

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The peak period for hooking tarpon is from December – March but they have been caught before and after this period. 

All it takes to get to the finest tarpon destination off the African coastline is a couple of hour’s flight to Luanda and from there the lodge organizes for us to be fetched and taken 60km south. 

Linecasters will handle all the transfers from Luanda to the lodge (return) and accommodation and boat bookings.

The Kwanza river, apparently Africa’s fourth longest river, enters the Atlantic Ocean at our destination. 

At present a 22ft Gemini, 27ft Nova Cat, 22ft But Cat and a couple of smaller boats are available for angling purposes.

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Comfortable, air-conditioned, part log cabins either overlook the river on the one side or the sea on the other, and are a welcoming relief for exhausted anglers, offering a break from the extremely hot and humid conditions.

The food is tasty and filling, the beer cold, and a friendly smile meets everyone who visits the lodge.

Linecasters guides have extensive knowledge of this unique fishery and are equipped with all ne necessary skills to make the dream of extreme fly rodders a reality.

For more info please contact us.