Madagascar Magic ...

Madagascar or the Malagasy Republic as it used to be called is an island located in the Indian Ocean off the Southern coast of Africa. It was inherently a French colony but gained its independence in 1960 with Antananarivo as its capital.  A number of smaller peripheral islands on the north eastern side of the main island are well-known tourist destinations.    

Fly fishing Madigascar - linecasters Fly fishing Madigascar - linecasters

One of these islands is Nosy Be, a fairly well populated island surrounded by a couple of smaller islands.  It is from here that we launch our expeditions travelling east and north away from the fishing pressure that surrounds the inhabited areas. The coastline in this area is reasonable protected and the sea is generally calm and we venture to areas that see very little angling pressure.

Fly fishing Madigascar - linecasters Fly fishing Madigascar - linecasters Fly fishing Madigascar - linecasters Fly fishing Madigascar - linecasters

Fishing is done off a Super Cat, a 4,8m sports fisher that is equipped with 2 x 70hp outboard motors.  A mother ship in the form a 12m Dean Catamaran (sailboat) follows us up north as we explore fishing areas towards Nosy Mitso and towards the north eastern point of Madagascar.  

The yacht moors in little secluded, still bays at night and there is hardly much boat movement. The boat chef cooks fresh seafood dishes and often on a braai.  Dinners, lunch and breakfast are provided and a cash bar is available on board. There are 4 cabins on the yacht, a saloon/bar area with a large cockpit and awning as well as a large flat deck with trampolines on the front.

The fishing for game fish such as dogtooth tuna, Sailfish, Gt’s, king mackerel, yellowfin tuna ... is unreal to say the least and other species such as green and rose jobfish, boha snapper, emperors, golden trevally, yellowspot trevally, bluefin kingfish and numerous grouper, to name a few are plentiful.  

This is a 7 night, 6 day package and the optimum number of anglers is 4 but we can handle 6 per trip. The remoteness of the fishing area combined with the aesthetic beauty of the surroundings and the fantastic fishing make this an unforgettable experience.

Peak seasons are April – November.

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