Sekoma Island - Zambia ...

Fly fishing for large Tiger fish, Bream, Fundu ... an unforgettable fly fishing experience against an African back-drop!

This is one of the few destinations where it is possible to fish in the Zambezi and Chobe rivers as well as the Kasai channel, providing a range of magnificent fishing opportunities.

Sekoma Island Zambia Sekoma Island Zambia Sekoma Island Zambia Sekoma Island Zambia

Sekoma Lodge operates from the Zambian side of the Mambova Rapids on a stretch of river that experiences an annual flood.  Each year the Chobe and Zambezi floods onto the many flood plains, thus creating a self-sustaining ‘stocking’ system, everything from insects and crustaceans to fish use the flooded plains to breed and feed.

Sekoma Island Zambia Sekoma Island Zambia Sekoma Island Zambia Sekoma Island Zambia

The Chobe and Zambezi river systems are a true paradise, teeming with wildlife. It is an ideal venue for the adventurous angler, no matter whether he is a fly rodder, conventional angler or lure fisherman.  

In this area tiger fish, large tilapia, many bream species, catfish and African pike can be pursued.  The only inhabitants on the island are the lodge staff and the odd bachelor herd of elephants that seek refuge in the dense Sekoma forest, and a wide variety of bird life.

Sekoma Island Zambia Sekoma Island Zambia

Double figure tiger fish are often caught and it is arguably one of the better tiger fish destinations in Southern Africa.


Accommodation consists of eight spacious safari tents, mounted as wooden chalets which are placed on wooden decks, each with breathtaking views overlooking the Mambova Rapids.  Each suite has a full bathroom and sleeps two in either twin single or queen size beds.  Sekoma Island Lodge supplies all bedding, linen and towels and fresh drinking water is available.

The best time of year to frequent this area is from June – September and we select the best moon phase to maximize fishing results.  Contact us for a chance to experience Africa and tiger fishing at its best.