Seychelles South Coral Island ...


The Republic of the Seychelles comprises 150 islands stretching over some 900km north to south and 1100km east to west.  The islands that make up the Seychelles differ greatly in their degree of isolation, geology, age, fauna and flora.  Although they were formed as part of a huge continent their rocks have never been submerged in nearly 700 million years of existence.

Linecasters - south Coral Islands Linecasters - south Coral Islands

In terms of its geology, history and wildlife, three broad groups of islands can be distinguished: the inner granitic islands, the low coralline islands and the raised coralline islands. We will introduce you to one of these special islands that offer some of the best flats fishing and blue water fishing the world has to offer, namely, the South Coral Island. These islands are clear of any pirate activities.

The Fishing

The flats around the Seychelles offer fly anglers some of the most exhilarating salt water fly fishing.  Here it is possible to wade across hard, white sandy flats, the flats are heavily grassed and  permit and large bonefish enjoy such areas. Large GT’s (giant kingfish) are often seen hunting these flats and along with lemon and black tipped reef shark, can be targeted with fly tackle.  Other fish species also use these flats as a sanctuary and hunting ground of which a few are various trevelly species, barracuda, snappers, triggerfish, mullet, wave garrick, milk fish. A typical fly fishing session would start at first light  with the clients wading the flats for a couple of hours depending on the tide.  The best tide for bonefish and permit on these atolls is a neap tide (in coming and receding). Neap tides allow the fish to remain on the shallow flats for a longer period of time.  The bonefish and permit tend to be more relaxed on the flats when fishing a neap tide making it a little easier to target them.

Linecasters - south Coral Islands Linecasters - south Coral Islands Linecasters - south Coral Islands Linecasters - south Coral Islands

A well deserved lunch break takes place at midday, the water on the flats is often too hot during midday for fishing, with temperatures being at their hottest.  A shady palm tree or back on the mother ship is where batteries are recharged while waiting for the tide to start pushing some fresh cool water back onto the flat.

A large lagoon on the lee of the island makes for wonderful snorkelling with manta rays and various reef fish and is also home to large pods of feeding milkfish that could be targeted on fly.


 The bluewater fishing off this atoll is spectacular, many species such a yellow fin tuna, dorado, dogtooth tuna, giant trevally, blue fin trevally, yellow spot trevally, grouper, job fish,  billfish and more can be caught.  This is exhilarating stuff!!!  The Afri-cats (boat) that we use are ideal for this sort of work and we venture out to the drop-offs during full and low tides each day.

Trawling and drop-shot fishing can also be done during these outings and the odd palatable fish may be kept for a fresh fish dish, cooked Creole style by the chef.

These trips are designed to cater for smaller groups of 4 – 5 anglers with more of a personalized experience.

For more info and a chance to experience a live-a-board adventure in the Seychelles contact us.