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The Republic of the Seychelles comprises 150 islands stretching over some 900km north to south and 1100km east to west.  The islands that make up the Seychelles differ greatly in their degree of isolation, geology, age, fauna and flora.  Although they were formed as part of a huge continent their rocks have never been submerged in nearly 700 million years of existence.

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In terms of their geology, history and wildlife, three broad groups of islands can be distinguished: the inner granitic islands, the low coralline islands and the raised coralline islands.

Farquhar Atoll lies 400 miles south-west of Mahe and is regarded by many as the pearl of the Seychelles Archipelago.  The blue of the lagoon is incomparable with its beautiful white sandy beaches fringing the lagoon.  The atoll is divided into three islands, the North Island, South Island and the tiny Goelette that have coconut palms, casuarinas and scaevola as part of their vegetation.


The only way get to this amazing atoll is to fly from Mahe with an IDC chartered flight.  In the past the crossing was done by boat but with the piracy problem still un-resolved it is no longer an option.  Farquhar Atoll has a small comfortable lodge that can accommodate 10 people and from there anglers venture out to the flats or deeper water for the days fishing.  The food is tasty and mainly Creole style dishes, Creole style cooking consists of seafood, poultry and vegetable dishes.

The fishing

The flats around and on the Farquhar atoll are some of the best around for fly fishing.  Bone fish, trigger fish, bumphead parrot fish, milk fish, blue fin trevally and a variety of snappers and rasses can be found in abundance.  Massive GT’s burst onto the flats when the tides are favourable and many anglers dreams are fulfilled when they hook and land one of these monsters that can weigh anything from 10 – 80lbs+.

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There are 3 large long-boats that are used to transport anglers to different areas on the flats each day and the guides alternate between groups of anglers to ensure that everyone gets a chance at catching big fish.

Linecasters - Seychelles Linecasters - SeychellesLinecasters - Seychelles Linecasters - Seychelles

The long-boats are also used to fish the lagoon and deep water hotspots. These hotspots can produce magnificent species such as grouper, barracuda, rock cod, snapper, job fish, dogtooth and yellowfin tuna, giant bluefin and golden trevalley... to name a few.   Whether fishing the flats or drop-offs anglers will be kept busy with amazing opportunities on both fly and conventional tackle.

Linecasters guides have been fishing and guiding around the Seychelles for more than 10 years and are familiar with the conditions and are well equipped to guide clients on all the targetable species.

For an opportunity to fish on one of the world’s most pristine and productive flats contact us for costs and more info.