Birding in Rhodes and Surrounding Area ...

The birds found in the list shown refer to the village of Rhodes and the surrounding areas within an hour to an hour and a half drive from Rhodes. These areas vary from 1500m above sea level on the Maclear side over Naudes Nek, east of Rhodes, to the 2500 - 300 m above sea level, alpine areas of the 'Ben Mac Dhui" mountain range in the Southern Berg. It also includes the New England, Wartrail and Mosheshs' Ford area east of Rhodes.

Rare bird species

There are altogether 125 bird species or more in this area which include a few rare species as listed in "The Rare Birds of Southern Africa" by P.A Clancy. These rare species are the Black Stork, Bearded Vulture, Black Harrier, Mountain Pipit and Yellowbreasted Pipit.

Uncommonly sighted species

The area offers the opportunity to sight birds which are not so commonly seen in other areas and which normally only occur above 2400m above sea level. These are the Ground Woodpecker, Orangebreasted Rockjumper and Drakensberg Siskin. These species are more commonly sighted on the Naudes Nek Pass.

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