Rock Art ...

Where is the rock art?

Rock art -bushman paintingsThe quaint town of Rhodes is situated in one of the most remote parts of South Africa with many rock art sites close to the town, some of which are open to the public. These bushmen paintings or rock art, painted by the san thousands of years ago are just a short drive from Rhodes and can be viewed in a day.

The rock art available for viewing in our area is situated on private property. It is therefore important to make viewing arrangements with the farmer who will also charge a small fee. Two of the farms that we send guests to are Martindell belonging to Russie and Loekie Smit and Buttermeade belonging to Gawie and Susanne Naudè.

Buttermeade rock art

Buttermeade is an ideal, public rock art site in that visitors can appreciate the art without having to drive too far out of town. The fairly short walk to the paintings is not too strenuous and suitable for all ages. For our guests we can phone the farmer and make arrangements for visitors to enter the site. A fee will be charged per head once at the farm.

Rock art -bushman paintingsThe painted rock shelter at Buttermeade has polychrome artwork of eland, some of which have been superimposed over earlier paintings. There are many interesting images here, including birds in close association with dying eland and dogs.

Martindell rock art

The images at Martindell rank amongst the best preserved in southern Africa. Some images are so bright it seems they were only painted a few decades ago. Here too, visitors need to get permission from the farmer to view the paintings and a small fee per head will be charged. Maartindell is about a 15 minute drive from Rhodes into the scenic valley of Martinshoek. This site is situated high up on a rock overhang. It is a bit of a climb to reach them, but worth the effort as the view of the valley is spectacular and the paintings even more so.

We would suggest you pack a picnic basket to enjoy in this beautiful valley alongside one of its tranquil streams.

Rock art -bushman paintingsOther rock art in the area

Dinorben, Barkly East has a site located in the Barkly Pass and is easy to get to from the road that runs between Barkly East and Elliot.

Chamisso, Maclear has a remote site situated close to the Pot River Pass on Mondi North-East Cape Forest lands. You will need a 4x4 to get to these paintings.

Prentjiesberg Hiking Trail, Ugie has some interesting rock paintings, which are only open during the summer months when there is no fire hazard. This is an ideal site for hikers.